Randomness: A Fan Fic by Dry-Petey


Gallade is awesome.
Note: The characters in this fan fic are made by Nintendo, school friends, myself, or MonkeyButt(a fake company)

Chapter 1: YOU'RE FIRED

Luigi without his overalls is seen about to jump on a night guard. Then he falls down stairs right next to him.

Night Guard: I told you Luime! I TOLD you about stairs!

Luime: Ouch... okay, stop filming!

The Night guard takes off his mask and really is Petey Piranha.

Petey: HAIZ!

Donald Trump: YOU'RE FIRED!

Donald is pointing to Luime, Petey, cameraman, and the medic.


Luime headbutts Donald.

Donald Trump: Save me medic!

Medic: Nope. But I will stuff you in that oven.

Medic stuffs Donald Trump in an oven.

Medic: I said that.

Luime: Okay, now I'm boss of Skits n' Stuf! Any objections? Nope? Great!

Petey: Not great! We have to find a camera to film skits with! And you. my friend, are helping me!


Luime: Where's the cake?

Petey: Not... that... kind... yo, medic!

The medic is actually Link with white clothing!

Petey: We'll need your help too!

Link: Fine.


Petey: Now, let's get out of here!


1. Petey Piranha
2. Luime
3. Link
4. Silbver
#. LuigiNo.1
#. YoshiMonsta
#. PTR

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Gallade is awesome.
Bump. I'll work on this soon. YM, LuigiNo.1, how do you want to appear? As Yoshi, or something like that?


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Shoop Da Whoop said:
Viceroy Bubbles von Salamancer said:
You can't be Derpy Hooves. That's a really character.
Really what?Really is an adverb used to describe adjectives so you should include one after really unless it's a typo of real.
Look, I'm sorry that the iPad has autocorrect and because you seem so upset I will go and turn it off. Then will you be happy?


Gallade is awesome.
It's supposed to be random. Hence the name, Randomness.


Gallade is awesome.
Chapter 2: Silber

Luime: Let's-a-go!!!

Link: But wait, let me change into green!!!!!!!!!! :'(

Petey: Why do you wear green?

Link: It looks good on me.

Luime: Come on guys, I said 'Let-s-a-go!' 20 seconds ago!

Petey: Then, let's-a-

Link: GO!!!!!!!!

Petey: :mad:

They land on a rabbit. Named Silber. End of chapter because this is so boring.

The rabbit attacks the camera.

Petey: Why didn't we just use that camera?

Silber: Stupid author, I'm Silver.

Luime: Okay, Silber-

Silver: SILVER!!!

Petey: It looks like a Nidorina from Pokemon.

Silbver: wuts pokemon

Link: *gasp* It doesn't know what Pokemon is!!! KILL IT!!!

Silver: What are you doing?

Luime: Looking for a camera.

Silver: What about that one?

Silbver points to a camera.

Luime: No way, Silbe-

Silver: SilVer!!!!!!!

Luime: Whatever, Silver. No way, rabbit, it's boobie trapped.

Silver: But, but, but, SILVER JOINED THE PARTY!!!

Hey, only I say that. SILVER JOINED THE PARTY!!!

Silver: Thanks for not calling me Silber.

What? That's your name? Okay Silber.

Silber: ARGH okay there might be a camera on a location on this map.


Silver: I know where you live.

Jeez, Silver pulls out a map.

Silver(in Dora the Explorer voice): First, we go to Fire Maze to get burned to death! :D Then we go to Ice Castle to freeze to death! :D Finally, we go to Camera Cape, where they make all cameras! :D

Link: I hate you.

Silver: Y U HATE ME

Link: No, I'm talking to the voices in my head.

Petey: You need a medic.

Link: I am a medic, remember?

Luime: No he doesn't.


Silver: Um... END OF CHAPTER!

Only I do that, Silber.

Silver: Why you litt-

END OF CHAPTER!(now she can't hurt me)