If you could switch lives with a cartoon character...

Gumball Machine

Celestial Guide
...who would you choose?

Personally, I'd choose Garfield, because what would be better than spending your entire life eating and sleeping? No school, no work, no bills to pay (that's what Jon's for) and honestly, Odie, Pookie, and Stretch would be some nice companions to have around. Although I'm not too thrilled about getting hit in the face with a pie every Monday, occasionally coming across Nermal, or having to be forced to catch mice. But I say the pros outweigh the cons.

Spongebob might not be such a bad choice either. He has a nice house, lots of space, interesting furniture and his job doesn't look to bad, krabby patties must be awesome. Only negative thing about Spongebob's life would be having to work for that selfish shellfish of an employer, Mr. Krabs.
Well duh, obviously I'd pick myself. (lol narcissism)

I'd also choose Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom. Kicking a ghost's ass would be awesome. >:].
One of the following:
  • Danny Phantom, and then keep The Reality Gauntlet, not destroy it. Then create a duplicate Danny Phantom destroying The Reality Gauntlet in my place, change myself to Mason, and leave without a trace. Oh and I'd embed The Reality Gauntlet into myself.
  • Bowser, prior Paper Mario, but I'd steal the Star Rod, create a duplicate in its place, create a duplicate Bowser in my place, change myself to Mason, and then leave with the duplicate Star Rod without a trace. Oh and I'd embed the Star Rod into myself.
  • Amazo (as he is in Bruce Timm's Justice League)
  • Genie from Aladdin, after he is freed.

...Catching my drift?
The producer from Idolmaster, or the onii-chan from from Sister Princess, the illustrious lover from UFO Princess Valkyrie, the main guy from Amagami, or any other low-risk harem lead. Although producer got beat up pretty bad just an episode ago(and is still recuperating this latest episode), and I'm pretty sure the illusterious lover went to space wars but the ratio of the quality of the harem to the amount of danger the lead is in is really what should be taken into account here- and when it comes right down to it he never really took any damage. Having Valkyrie and her magic h4x around kind of alleviated any danger. Plus, Chorus and Raine. So the ratio of lead danger to harem quality is easily within tolerable levels.

Though I honestly can't say I'm too sure about my other examples, the little french sister from Sister Princess honestly seemed kind of dangerous to me. If she ever misses her fix of whatever the hell she's on she will definitely kill the rest of the harem, which would drag down quality. And as for Amagami, I've been kind of torn on it ever since the sex hair arc was so, well, shit. Her and Miya should keep average quality up pretty high but I may need to take him off the list of cartoon characters I'd like to be in the place of after the new season is over.
Maybe GLaDOS. That would be awesome.
She is so cartoon.
Fine, I'd be Caboose (and he counts because they were going to have an animated version of RvB! But it got cancelled.) He literally has no idea what's going on and just lives in his happy-go-lucky version of the world.
Man I love Caboose.