Easter Eggs and Cameos


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Well, why not. Discuss, but not Mario related stuff because of one already made in Marioverse.

So, anyway, this one may surprise you. Sonic was in a Sega game MONTHS before Sonic 1 released.
The name was Rad Mobile, and he was an ornament in a car. Don't believe me?



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In OoT 3D, there's art for Skyward Sword inside Lon Lon Ranch.


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Well, everyone here should already know about Tanaka's Song...

I don't have any notable ones, other than that.

Gumball Machine

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In the Donkey Kong Country cartoon, one of Cranky's hobbies was making potions, and what was Cranky's job in Donkey Kong 64? Selling you potions.


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Jr Troopa makes a cameo in Zip T.'s letter. Look in the background. TTYD is full of Easter Eggs, but I'm not going to list them all.
Pyro said:
That's one of my more favourite easter eggs, simple placing but you wouldn't think of looking there.

Erm, I think in Mickeyjunk Mountain in Epic Mickey, one of his old games was in amongst the rubbish, don't know the name, but an old game with Mickey Mouse in it was there.

Not 100% sure on that one though.