Bowser's Last Stand


This is a little fangame I finished a couple weeks ago (as of this writing). Screenshots, a video, and downloads can be found here:

Basically, you are Bowser. While you are "training" for your next battle with Mario, a group of toads breaks into your castle and declares that the Koopa Kingdom has been taken over. You are enraged! How dare the Mushroom Kingdom steal your job?! You need to take back your kingdom and seek your revenge against the Mushroom Kingdom!


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Finished World 1, and I must say that it's not bad for a fan creation...especially for including the opportunity to kill Toads. >:D


This game was updated today with a new gameplay mode (Survival Mode) and online high score lists. The place to download it is the same:
Best. Game. Ever.

At first I thought it was kind of easy, but once you get into a large crowd of mini-toads, it can get downright frustrating.

Truly better that some official Nintendo games if I say so myself.


Atlas said:
This game is for Window only, this game don't work with Macs
Yeah, unfortunately, because it's made with Game Maker. I wouldn't have used GM, but the engine was already (mostly) done, so I would have had to start all over again to use another language.


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This is a great game. It's always fun to reverse the roles in the games and have the enemy be the main protagonist.


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I actually found this to be a very fun game to play.

Also, Cowbeb- it isn't dark and edgy, it plays like any other Mario game, except you're Bowser. He can breathe fire, roll around in his shell, ground's actually pretty fun.


Well, another major update happened. It's only really huge in contrast to the last major update, but it's quite a difference from then. Additions include a new easter egg (the cutscene after World 666 gives a hint about it), a bit more music, and more overall polish compared to version 1.1.0. Of course, you can download it here: