My Wario Land 6DS Boxart

Hey look, Wario is riding Smasher.
KingBooWarioSir said:
Do you like this? I made it myself. Wanted to knwo what you thought of my idea for a wario land 3ds game.


I posted the covers on VGBoxart as well under my other username WarioLoaf :)
Why does it say Warioloaf?
WarioLoaf was banned for a good reason (just check his wiki contribs and you'll see why), but the OP said his name was WarioLoaf on the site he made it on...

Wait a minute...

EDIT: The guy on vgboxarts has WarioLoaf's avatar from here as well; this seems highly coincidental or suspicious...
Luigi Bandicoot said:
I have checked before and he is banned. KingBooWarioSir must be his/her sockpuppet.
That's what I though! If a mod sees him then they can check his ip.