I Think I Shall Need To Leave: Part One of Six Thousand


I'm making this into a new thread because I'm in a huge hurry and don't want to waste time by
posting in the Going Away thread. I'm going away for a week, and I'll only be on for a few
minutes on the 17th and 20th to post new comics.

But why is this one-week hiatus so important? It's signaling that I may have to leave
the Wiki prematurely. As you all know, I'm moving to Idaho in the next eight months
so my family can become "self-sufficent" against a currency crash that my parents
believe is coming upon us. I may not have access to the internet there, so I
may break all ties here so as to relieve myself of the burden of wondering what's
going on here every fifteen seconds.

But for the last three months, I've really been getting in trouble. My parents think
I left this website in April 2007, and to keep editing here, I have to resort to every
trick in the book. I have to turn on the internet connection, wait for it to load,
then dash to my laptop, edit here, then my mom usually finds me out and turns it off,
I get in big trouble, bla bla bla.

And it's getting to be a big drain. My little brothers and sisters make life hard
by tattling on me all the time, and it's just getting annoying, trying to keep
this secret. As I write this, my brother is telling my mom that I'm doing something other
than schoolwork. And my dad doesn't help things. He's easy to get angry when he' in a good
mood, but when he's in a bad mood and my mom tells him I snuck on the internet without
asking, he totally erupts. He supposedly has anger problems and takes them out on me,
my mom says. Personally, I just think he's a jerk.

We can't all have great families. I have one that's not nuclear, it's atomic. And being
here is a huge, HUGE drag on me. I'm thinking that I'm going to leave CERTAINLY no less
than April, and maybe even as soon as February. My time here is coming to an end, and the
only reason I've stayed here so long is because... well... I really, really like talking
with you guys. Helping you. Giving you ideas. Showing you cool stuff. Arguing. Chatting.
Learning new things. You've all been part of a major chapter in my life, and I really
don't want to leave. But I think I have to. And the sooner, the better.

For now, I'm gonna be off as much as I can. My dad come home around 6:00 and turns on the internet
then, so I can usually sneak on while he does his stuff. I am NOT going to be around during the day;
my mom's onto me.

And yadda yadda, delete this ASAP. I'm really in a HUGE hurry; hope none of you will get mad at me for doing this again. I think I'll be on tonight; I'll catch up at the forum and all. Bai.
...Your family sucks.
Snack said:
Bye... And I hope you find something more interesting to do in Idaho than growing potatoes.

w00t w00t, thanx.

I'll update my comic still; I'm gonna be on Christmas week.

And I had all that pre-written on mai compy.