Count until 9 users who have yellow stars post.

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan
Once an user who can intercept your counting posts, they say "Strike 1". The next user who can intercept your counting after that says "Strike 2". And so on. On Strikes 3, 6 and 9, they say "Strike out!" and name the number of outs. The posts do not reset until 3 outs, and after that the players change roles. So for example...

[quote author=Green Star]1[/quote]
[quote author=Red Star]2[/quote]
[quote author=Purple Star]3[/quote]
[quote author=Yellow Star 5]Strike 1[/quote]
[quote author=Blue Star]4[/quote]
[quote author=Green Star]5[/quote]
[quote author=Purple Star]6[/quote]
[quote author=Yellow Star 4]Strike 2[/quote]
[quote author=Yellow Star 3]Strike 3, 1 out[/quote]
[quote author=Pink Star]7[/quote]
[quote author=Purple Star]8[/quote]
[quote author=Yellow Star 2]Strike 4[/quote]
[quote author=Yellow Star 1]Strike 5[/quote]
[quote author=Red Star]9[/quote]
[quote author=Purple Star]10[/quote]
[quote author=Yellow Star 6]Strike 6, 2 outs[/quote]
[quote author=Yellow Star 3]Strike 7[/quote]
[quote author=Blue Star]11[/quote]
[quote author=Pink Star]12[/quote]
[quote author=Yellow Star 3]Strike 8[/quote]
[quote author=Yellow Star 4]Strike 9, 3 outs. Change![/quote]

Then the users change sides and roles. Next poster starts the game.
Strike 4

this is stupid

why am i playing this