Name some fun facts relating to your life


Donkey Kong
Fun fact: 2 of my pets coincidentally have the same names as 2 of the pets in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
I'm a regular on the Super Mario Boards.


Power Star
Retired Wiki Staff
Fun fact: I have a means of accessing the forums.


A price for everything.
Retired Wiki Staff
Fun fact: I can use the Internet.


Gallade is awesome.
Fun Fact: Vinnie is my best friend and arch nemisis at the same time.
Fun Fact: Petey Piranha is awesome sauce.
Fun Fact: If something is awesomer than awesome, I call it awesome sauce.
Fun Fact: I'm on LLF as roy321, and the user Savvy-Sauce, who is really awesome, is where awesome sauce came from.


Gallade is awesome.
Fun Fact: Yes it is possible. I guess we're frienemies.
Fun Fact: Vinnie's my twin brother. Identical twin brother.
Fun Fact: In school I am a gifted kid.


Shine Sprite
I'm actually a dinosaur


..and with that, pow! I'm gone
Th number 13 seems to have some special role in my life, as it keeps appearing. Same applies to the song 'Sweet Child O' Mine', The Beatles, and Kurt Cobain.