The ^, < & v game!


Bowser Jr.

Smasher said:
^ Wait, what?

< Likes tacos. :3

v :posh:.
A New Super Christmas said:
^No, your :posh:.

< Staring at this screen.

v Not staring at this screen.
So pretty much, ^ is the person above you, < is you, and v is the person below.

You get to say anything you want about ^, < or v.

My turn:

^ Is the topic title.

< Isn't the topic title.

v Is the topic title.

Have fun! 8)


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I don't think the mods mind if you bump old forum games. I could be wrong though.

But hey if other people want to play this one instead I won't stop them.

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It's already been bumped now, so we don't need this.