Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program Help

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Hey everybody.

So I got my 3DS on August 1, 2011, the last day you could get a 3DS with the Ambassador Program built in. So I take it home, but I couldn't connect my WiFi account to it (glitch in my modem, FYI) until September 1, the last day you could set up a WiFi account to access the free games. I got the Wii Shop Channel, follow my brother's instructions on how to access the free games, and... they're not there.

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong, if anything?


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IIRC you had to connect to the online before the deadline, not just buy one. So sorry, it seems like you're shit out of luck.


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I'm not sure how it was done where you live (if you don't live in the States), but the instructions given to Ambassadors here were to register on the eShop before August 12th (the date of the price drop). For people who did that, the 10 NES games were added to the section of Settings called Your Downloads on September 1st, and that's presumably where the GBA games will be, though if I'm not mistaken, the 10 NES games were added to the eShop as regular purchases for non-Ambassadors.