Explosive Station(Tower Defense Forum Style)


L - N - 1
First of many, at least I guess. Use this weapons in a tower defense style game. No signups, just play

Money Earning: You automatically earn 50 bucks every post, but you can also gain the money another way. Defeat enemies or you can answer the trivia to earn more bucks.

Earthquake Machine: 20 Bucks. 10 damage per post, ground range.
Flying Flamethrower: 20 Bucks. 10 damage per post, aerial range
Mega Laser: 50 Bucks. 50 damage per post, full range.
Atomic Bomb: 200 Bucks. Complete destruction of all enemies, full range.

Swarm 1: 1 Ground Enemy, 40 HP

Current Money: 20 Bucks

Trivia to earn more money: How many hazards are in Pikmin 2?