Is there a way to sticky a topic?

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The Baby Fan
On one of my topics, somebody spammed the spoiler tag and it was annoying to have to get through all of them. Like this.

YoshiMonsta said:
My most recent game for Poke'mon is
Black & White

I want to make a topic to mention that this is spam, but I can't find a way to sticky a topic. Is there a way to do so?
Only administrators/moderators can sticky topics.

And don't create a topic for that.
Why not? It's spam.
Because just pm'ing the user that spammed telling them they were spamming or pointing it out in the thread would have been around 100 times better than creating a topic just to point it out...
Also because we can tell. He shouldn't have done that, but, unless the administrators deem something wrong about it, there's nothing to do.

Seriously, creating a topic just to say one post is spam? Think about how unneeded that is.
No, it's to say that
all posts like this are spam.
See how annoying it was to see the last part in my post?
We can still tell that. Really, don't make a topic for that.

Or expect to be greeted with a whole host of rocks.
I believe that an admin pointed that out the most recent time a post like that was made anyway.

Anyway, if the admins deem it a huge problem that needs to be remedied, they'll deal with it accordingly, but I haven't seen more than five posts like that recently...
1) Admins can sticky topics.
2) If someone spams, click the "Report to Moderator" button in the bottom-right corner of the post.