Vote to Winception


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Made already by somebody else with Hurt and Heal so making this with the new game(Vote to Win).I don't think it will take too long.

-Forum's Choice
-Mario Kart Characters
-Super Smash Bros.
-Pokemon Legendaries
-Nickelodeon Shows
-John vs. Rose

Round 1 in Spoilers Below

John vs. Rose VS. Forum's Choice
Nickelodeon Shows VS. Pokemon
Pokemon Legendaries VS. Mario Kart Characters
Super Smash Bros. VS. Memes

Round 1,Matchup 1
There will be no pics in this one,sorry.
IDK what to say

John vs. Rose VS. Forum's Choice


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This is pretty pointless. :|

Mario Super Sluggers

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Luigi Bandicoot said:
So do I ask this to be deleted or at least locked and sent to Topic Storage?