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Discuss the 2 games of the Tomba! series here.

2 of the most underrated games on the Playstation imo.


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Tomba! was one of the first Playstation games I ever played. I first played it on a demo disc and still have very fond memories of it.

It's a shame no one knows about this series, and also that the parent company shut down. The gameplay was very fun.


Donkey Kong
It was one of my first games too (well, at least the sequel) along with Spyro and Crash Bandicoot.

It was also going to have a PlayStation2 sequel, but that faded out.


Donkey Kong
Super bump

Ok, I know this is late news, but this game has released on PSN!


Now that's it on the PSN, those who haven't played it and were curious back when my username was Tomba can experience it. ;).


Seems so long ago.
I have played the first game around ten years ago.

I never got past the Fall-like forest, I'm sure.