Teh In-Semi-Non-Demi-Quasi-Un-Official Christmas Gift Thread


Power Star
Give any user anything!
I give Xzelion a head asploder toy, 3Dejong gets some kilograms of cheese, and Ploumbière recieves a cat making funny facial expressions.
I give Smiddle Poodle Hat and a Weird Al plushie.

And I'd much rather prefer a Wii.

Oh, well.

*sells cheese on eBay*

*buys Wii, HD-TV, iMac, MacBook pro, iPod touch, SMG*
Xzelion: COAL 4 U

Porplemontage: COAL 4 U

Moogle: COAL 4 U
I give Smiddle a Whitey Hooten doll with real HEAD ASPLODING ACTION.

I give Crystal King his own personal army.

I give Uniju all the games, animne DVDs, and cornflakes he'd ever want.

I give Moogle the entire runs (so far) of Blood+ and Melancholy of Suzi Whatshername on DVD.

I give Lario a large pickle.

I give Ghost Yoshi five kittens. My cat had them last week.
best holiday

merry chrismchannakuanzadon

P.S. srry if I did Kuanza wrong

P.S.S srry if I spelled it wrong again in the first P.S.