Control the Cafeteria


Yoshi! Yoshi!
Well this game goes like this, one person says what the cafeteria is serving and they choose a real life/video game/movie/book character to own it for them, then the next person says how they steal the cafeteria from the previous person, using the foods and the quality of the owner (if they know who it is) and then post the same information. For example:

:bowser: I am going to serve Sushi and my owner will be Mario
:bowjr: Well I use the sushi to lure a Goomba outside of the building so since Mario cannot resist squashing Goombas, he goes after it and I take control and I make the leader Harry Potter and serve French Toast

And so on.

I'll start.

I will serve green-bean casserole and my leader will be Chuck Norris.