Articles that need to be made!


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I was looking at the Fortune Street article and noticed that Stella and Patty don't have articles. Maybe someone should make them. ;)


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Ironically enough, this thread is mostly useful for people banned from the wiki but not the forums and people that like to point out things on talk pages and never do anything about it.

I have no knowledge whatsoever of Fortune Street, and therefore cannot help you. Good day.

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I revamped Pudding/Princessa's article, and I might be able to add some information for Patty and Stella. Don't expect a lot of information; however, I think I might be able to get the job done. ;)

It is unfortunate that this game is barely getting any attention. There is still a lot too do as the game does not even have its own category yet. I'm assuming the Mario Kart 7 anticipation is overshadowing this game.


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There is lots of articles to be made

We neec articles for all the worlds in 3Dland from World 2 to Special World

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Dislikes the amount of neglect Toad receives...
^Articles do need to be created for the worlds and etc. in SM3DL. However, the case for Fortune Street is more of a serious one as much of the basic information have yet to be placed into the Wiki, and some of the pages for the characters and boards that appear in this game have yet to be updated either.

The basic elements and information for SM3DL has already been put into the Wiki, and it is very much just the extra bits that need to be put into the Wiki for now. Fortune Street is still lacking a template, updated general information, character information and bios, references, etc.. That is why I am working on these articles moreso than the remaining Super Mario 3D Land pages.

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Dislikes the amount of neglect Toad receives...
Well I'm sure that once it comes out to the USA on December 5th (I think that is the date anyways), we'll get more information. It is the first time that the English speaking countries will be getting the Fortune/Itadaki Street type games, so I believe it will probably take some time for people to understand the game and then make relative topics about it.

Mario Kart and Super Mario games are well known to most people, and it does not take long to understand what is happening and create information based on early gameplay. Hardly any of us know much about Fortune Street as this will be a first for all of us.

I had some knowledge about Dragon Quest, so I was able to create a few articles; however, even I myself hardly know much about the gameplay of Fortune Street itself.