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Princess Peach has invited you to her birthday party located at Peach Garden from Mario Superstar Baseball. After the party, everybody decides to practice hitting home runs. The bases are loaded and you are the pitcher. There are two strikes, two outs and you are leading 6-3 at the bottom of the 9th inning. Can you score the winning strikeout?

Same rules as the previous versions, such as Yeti's Lair. This time, your item will turn into a pitch.

A person: Fastball
A food item: Curveball
A drink: Star Pitch (the star pitch is from Mario Super Sluggers, and it will go in order of the number of posts. The first post would have Mario's the second Luigi's, and so on. The cycle repeats after Bowser Jr.)
Anything else: Changeup

Star Pitch order:

1st post: Fireball (Mario)
2nd post: Tornado Ball (Luigi)
3rd post: Heart Ball (Peach)
4th post: Flower Ball (Daisy)
5th post: Rainbow Ball (Yoshi)
6th post: Suction Ball (Birdo)
7th post: Phony Ball (Wario)
8th post: Liar Ball (Waluigi)
9th post: Barrel Ball (Donkey Kong)
10th post: Banana Ball (Diddy Kong)
11th post: Killer Ball (Bowser)
12th post: Graffiti Ball (Bowser Jr.)

One more thing. Anybody can post the result for me (like in the Minus World version)

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan
Luigi Bandicoot said:
I bring Coke.
Star Pitch (Mario)

Funky Kong swings and misses. That's the game!

Note: I always take a random character, even if he or she was not in Super Sluggers)

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan