V2W:Memes(Rickroll vs. Fake Science Fair Projects)


L - N - 1
Pretty meh.Just posting about as much memes as I could think of.Give me more ideas.I need 20 memes.With the best of luck,rounds start tomorrow.Strikethrough means eliminated.

Over 9000
This is Sparta
I like turtles
Ren Snaps
All Your Base are Belong to Us
Shoop da Whoop
Advice Dogs
Ragecomic Faces
Fake Science Fair Projects
Shut up and take my money!
Interior Crocodile Alligator
Awesome Face
Haters gonna Hate
They Told me I could Be anything I wanted
Nyan Cat

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Round 1 on spoilers below.Bold means it is the current match.

Round 1:
Ren Snaps vs. Mudkip(Mudkip wins 1-2)
I like turtles vs. Haters gonna hate(1-1,Haters gonna Hate wins through popularity)
Awesome Face vs. Interior Crocodile Alligator(1-1,Awesome Face wins through popularity)
Rickroll vs. Fake Science Fair Projects
Advice Dogs vs. Nyan Cat
Ragecomic Faces vs. This is Sparta
Shoop da Whoop vs. Pingas
They told me I could be anything I wanted vs. Weegee
All Your Base are Belong to us vs. Pedobear
Shut up and Take my Money vs. Over 9000
Re: V2W:Memes

Add "Advice Dog" and "Ragecomic Faces"
Re: V2W:Memes(Ren Snaps vs. Mudkip)

Luigi Bandicoot said:
To be quite honest,Australia exploding is quite hilarious somehow,and the cartoon,despite the fact I've never seen it,must have also been good.

Fair enough; I always somehow liked "Ren Snaps" as well. I just like Mudkip more.
Re: V2W:Memes(Ren Snaps vs. Mudkip)

well ok then

Ren Snaps:1
Re: V2W:Memes(Ren Snaps vs. Mudkip)

I found some of them in Know Your Meme.Problem?
Ending these now since there doesn't seem to be any progress.

Results:Mudkip uses his cuteness so Ren doesn't blow up Australia,and then uses Hydro Pump to KO Ren.The winner is Mudkip.

Round 1,Matchup 2
A zombie kid who likes turtles against a very popular phrase


I like turtles:0
Haters gonna Hate:0
Re: V2W:Memes(I like turtles vs. Haters Gonna Hate)

I think you ended the other one too fast...

I like turtles:1
Haters gonna Hate:1
Re: V2W:Memes(I like turtles vs. Haters Gonna Hate)

IDK much,either ways Mudkip would have won.
It's almost midnight in forum time so I'll end the match right now.It is a tie,but here is how the tiebreaker works.It is a Rock-Paper-Scissors game.I will choose one of those and keep it to myself.The first user to choose one of them will go against what I chose.If I win the one I want to win(I like turtles in this case) will win,if I lose the other one will win.If it is a tie,simply repeat until I win or lose.

Round 1,Matchup 3

A well known face vs. a meme somewhat like Rickroll but different.


Awesome Face:0
Interior Crocodile Alligator:0
Re: V2W:Memes(Awesome Face vs. Interior Crocodile Alligator,Matchup 2 Tiebreaker

I don't get the alligator one.

Awesome Face: 1
Interior Crodile Alligator:1
Re: V2W:Memes(Awesome Face vs. Interior Crocodile Alligator,Matchup 2 Tiebreaker

This seems to get nowhere.I will make the tiebreaker a popular choice instant winner thing.
Haters gonna Hate and Awesome Face both move on due to popularity.

Round 1,Matchup 4

Bait Video vs. a not very known meme.I think it is obvious who wins.