Drawing yourself (like a character, or how you picture yourself in cartoon form)


Yoshi! Yoshi!
I would like to see you draw yourself as a Mario creature (preferably) or creatures from other games, or real life, or :'( human. Can ya do that? :posh:
Uh, at the moment, my avatar...
Good, good, so don't change your avatar to something ridiculous, then in the future when someone looks at it and says "is that really how Lord Ghirahim pictures himself, I'd have thought better."
I was just saying that if You change to a giant :posh: and someone goes on this after he had......... he'll look pretty bad.

P.S.: I hope your avatar isn't what you would want to be Pyro

Rushed drawing. boy I hate flipnote studio it's a piece a shit when your DSi screen is messed up.

Edit: updated.
Every time I look at his avatar I think it's me because that was my original avatar. YoshiMonsta, please change it?
Drawing things from scratch is not my forte, but here's some random headshot sketches of my three characters:

Toucs/Feathersona/Toucan | Tony/Original Character/Human | Mason/Fan Character/Magikoopa
I know the artwork sucks but it's not here for artistic purposes.
Thanks. >w>

Why don't you draw something FE? Don't you have a graphing tablet, methinks.