Sprite request from GP


Donkey Kong
I asked this on Userpedia a few months ago and no one replied, so I'll ask it here. I would like a recolor of Petey Piranha sprites (on Userpedia page) with Fiery Dino Piranha's color scheme. I will use this for my burning form. Any spriters out there?
Change this to "Sprite requests from GP and T85"

B/c no one can seem to fill out my request either.

I keep asking for a Paper Mario sprite based off of my 2D Toad artwork. UM got bored and didn't finish, and YG99 and OJ just couldn't do it.
I know. He says he'll do them but he doesn't. I asked him for sprites before he left the forums and after he came back but I never got either of them.
GalacticPetey said:
No. Not for you
You're getting a bad reputation, UM...
Pinkie Pie said:
I think I might be up to it, but can you link me to a Fiery Dino Piranha image and your sprites?

Fiery Dino Piranha is in google images and the sprites are on my userpedia page
Herr Shyguy said:
You know it is possible to make your own sprites.
You know it's possible I don't have the software and my mom won't let me download anything because she thinks it's dangerous.
It is a computer painting/drawing program. It comes built-in with most recently made Windows OS versions, including some versions of XP, most versions of Vista, and most of Windows 7 as well I believe. I only ever use it as part of a set of shenanigans I use to rip images from YouTube for uploading to MetroidWiki, so I know almost nothing about its features tho.
GalacticPetey said:
How do I find it?
*Facepalms* It was in my post... It comes built-in with most recently made Windows OS versions.