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You guys are all copying the title of my thread?
Just stop it.

You guys are just plain annoying.


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Re: This topic fails.

Then leave.


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Mason said:
Please read this. When someone makes a thread with the same title or a slightly different title, they're not trying to rip you off. They're either (A) parodying your thread, because it sucks and the want to make fun of it, or (B) they're attempting to create a fad. I'm sure there are some exceptions, but I highly doubt any of them involve trying to rip somebody off.

Example A
Original Thread: I can't stand fashion designers. They suck.
Parody thread: I can't stand whiners. They suck.
Fad thread: I can't stand fads. They suck.
Example B
Original Thread: What's the deal with Ellen DeGeneres and dancing?
Parody thread: What's the deal with Mason and toucans?
Fad thread: What's the deal with Mario and shrooms?

Do you see what I'm getting at? No one's trying to rip you off. It's a widely-known practice. My examples were just... examples, because these things are completely spontaneous and can't be controlled or restricted to a specific format.

TDLR: No. If that's too long, you're a moron. Go back and try to read it again.
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