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The game is real simple if you know the rules.I,as the host,do not wish to participate so I will explain the rules for everybody.

Signup Day:
-Sign up on the Signup Day a.k.a. today.
-You will sign up only by posting
-If by the end of the day there are not at least 12 signups,signup time will be extended to another day.

The Event Itself:
-I will post two users at the beginning of the round.
-If either of the users posts,he/she will lose and the next round will start.
-The signed up users must have a conversation about the ongoing topic chosen by me.
-The topic changes every round.

Ways to be Eliminated:
-Post if you are on of the two users on the round matchup.
-Derail off the ongoing topic.
-If you are not one of the two listed users on the matchup,post or lose.
-Be bad with users a.k.a. insulting,trolling,cussing,etc.

-Check carefully this topic.
-Find a way to avoid temptation if you are in the matchup.
-Go with the topic if you're not in the matchup.
-Don't be bad against other users
-If you are eliminated,support your favorite user.

We'll see how this goes.

Participating Users:


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Doesn't sound so hard but why not. Just saying, I don't want you to kick me out when I'm sleeping or having school, so you should only modkill after 3 days or something.