SMA: A clan in MKWii


King Bowser
I just made the clan today. If you want to join fill this in:

Friend Code:

My friend code is 1206-1665-2300.








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Re: SMB: A clan in MKWii

FC: 2965-1210-6994
VR: like 7000-7500

a leader please
Re: SMB: A clan in MKWii

You can't choose what rank you will be. For now you're a member.

I added you.
Re: SMB: A clan in MKWii

Please? I'll train if I need to. And I'm already your friend on MKWii anyway.
Warning, when I participate in a clan war or something, I'll show as a guest,
Re: SMB: A clan in MKWii

Clans are oganizations of people who get together and have clan wars. You need atleast 6 members in a clan.
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The first post could be more professional. Example:
Yoshidude99 said:
What is a clan in MKWii?
x_x This clan is pretty much community anyways, so I don't need to explain.