What's your favorite School subject?

What's your favorite School subject?

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You should allow us to change or votes, because now I've voted for *Insert elective of your choice* when Animation is up there.


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I love Art. It's always been my favorite subject since elementary school. I wish I can take an art class at college--I could, but I'm not sure.


Donkey Kong
@MM64: Well, my Algebra class has computers, but we do some silly program called I Can Learn, so it bores me. And that's all that's on the desktop.

I just get by by making pictures with those gray lines you can make on the desktop background with your mouse. :P

But still, it's a tie between Lunch and Art.


Thank you based god
I wouldn't consider History, Geography and Social Studies as one. History and Social Studies could be in some cases, but not Geography.

However, I like putting them together on this poll since I love them all.


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Yoshiwalker said:

Also it's even better that I've had 2 awesome History teachers in the last 3 years. ;D
Yeah awesome teachers always help. Almost always had good History teachers. I used to hate Math up until I had this one awesome Math teacher in Freshmen year in High School.

I had 2 awesome Science teachers. One in 6th grade and one in again Freshmen year. Though I must say I never had any really horrible teachers.


Donkey Kong
I had a pretty cool Language Arts teacher last year. I had a 103% in the gradebook I was doing so good. It was an easy class. This year Language Arts is a dick.

I also had two great science and geography teachers last year until the school gave me TWO SCHEDULE CHANGES out of those classes. The new science teacher was okay, but the new geography teacher was HORRIBLE. I won't even go into detail. I also was in 4 different PE classes last year because of the dumb schedule changes.


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I enjoy reading. History isn't far behind.