Mario Kart 7 Communities

In Wi-Fi on MK7 you can make communities and race a person from there whenever their online. If someone on here starts a community, would people that have it join up? I dont know exactly how it works yet, but if its nice and simple then would there be one?
At another Forum, there was an idea to create a community on it when it comes out.
I hope everyone can create multiple communities.
I think there will be able to be multiple communities. there will be a limit though, most likely.
MK7 Tourney's?
Then BaseballYoshi24 will love this feature!
well I'm 16+ Hours than the default time on the forum, I found it out when I changed my time settings a few days ago.
I was thinking a Super mario Boards community -_-

And you can only create up to 8 communities
New Super Mario said:
Guys, I think it would be more useful to just PM a couple people you want in it to join.

True, but this one I've made was meant to be open to anyone on the Super Mario Boards.
I sure hope there isn't a limit to how many communities you can join. And hopefully if you remove a community you've made from the server it gives you room to create an another community.

I heard there's a pretty much unlimited amount of players that can be in one community. The Mario Cup community that Nintendo made to get everyone started has about 17000 players in it and rising (there were only 7000 last night) so I'd say the limit would be at least 100 000, if there even is a limit.