War of Randomness


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The rules of the game are as follows:

*The goal of the game is to beat up your opponents using various assorted weapons.
*The weapons cannot be conventional weapons from any time period on Earth.
*You may make a maximum of five (5) actions per post/turn, and each action can be used either offensively or defensively.
*You cannot directly contradict another user's actions; instead, you must think of a creative way to avoid the actions or just accept your beating and think of something to do in revenge.
*No godmodding, especially in matters of always having your attacks hit/others' attacks failing to hit you.
*Factions are allowed, if you like to play that way, and it takes three (3) members to make up a faction.
**If you have the three members necessary for the faction, then please PM me so I can add your faction to the user list below.
**Two-user alliances are allowed, but do not have to be noted in the user list below.
*Even though this game is based on being random in how you play, off-topic/unnecessary posts are still not allowed

User list:


Here are some examples of normal gameplay:

User A:
*Throws rubber chicken at User B
*Sets force field around self

User B:
*Ducks underneath rubber chicken, causing it to dramatically expand to 100 times its normal size, crushing the force field around User A.
*Rockets up on jetpack and flies around casually