Mario Kart Tournament at London Gaming Con on 3-4 Dec


We'd like to invite this community to come join us as we host a Mario Kart tournament (along with 30 other tournaments) at the London Gaming Con this 3-4 Dec. We can offer a discounted £14 entry for the two days if you register now at (On the door entry without registration is £10)

As well as the tournament there will be live-bands, chiptunists, parties (till 1am in the morning from some of the top gaming DJs such as Nintendisco, the UK's #1 gaming clubnight) and guests (naming just two - comedian, musician and gaming sensation brentalfloss will be doing a live concert and CoLD SToRAGE, creator of music for over sixty games including Lemmings, Wipeout series will be doing a set of his best-music) in addition to too many cash-winning gaming tournaments to list!

Tournament Specifics

If there is a lot of interest, we may run more tournaments

Game Name: Mario Kart Double Dash DOUBLES - Cash Entry, big prizes
Format: 16 player, 8 teams of 2, Best of 3 games. Top 4 through.
Specifics: Bring your own controller (preferrably), £5 entry per team
Prize money split - 60-30-10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Day & Time: SATURDAY - Signups open 11am. Starts 1pm. Finals on stage 5:30pm

Game: Mario Kart Double Dash SINGLES - For fun.
Format: 16 player, 8 teams of 2, Best of 3 games. Top 4 through.
Specifics: Bring your own controller (preferrably), free entry. £10 prize.
Day & Time: Sunday - Signups open 11am. Starts 1pm.


December 3rd + 4th
11am to 1am (past midnight)

Venue Address

The Rocket Complex London Metropolitan University
166-220 Holloway Road
N7 8DB

Directions are on this website:

There will also be..

There will be a retro zone, modern gaming, handheld zone, LAN gaming, a dance and song zone, tournament battles, gaming exhibitors, trading card gaming and more areas besides! Sonia Leong and Sweatdrop shall be present to do several artist and manga related workshops and cosplay workshops will also be done. Highlight events will include the Ultimate Gaming Championship (with a massive £100 top prize!), the Gaming Tournaments (over THIRTY including Brawl, Mario Kart, MW3, DDR, SSIV, Rock Band and more!), the Ultimate Gamers Quiz, Cosplay Contests, late-night karaoke, a late-night cinema and much more!

Many more events and talks to be confirmed including game-developing talks, art workshops and many quirky and fun events such as a Sonic Blind-folded contest!

View Provisional Tournaments List
View Provisional Timetable

Pricing, Registration & Accommodation

It costs £14 for two days if you pre-pay. On the door entry without registration is £10.

If you need accomodation, information can be found on the "register" page. It is available at £18 per night.

New Super Mario

Sorry, are community here doesn't do this kind of stuff, and we don't usually allow advertising

And plus a lot of the users don't even live in London. We have a bunch of Americans, some Australians, and a bunch of other European countries. Oh, and Canada.

The biggest deal is, we don't pay for anything like his here.


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Needing to cross the North-Sea first + no Press tickets = no, I'll not be there.

Mario Super Sluggers

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Lots of us are under 18 as well.