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Searching for adventure
Retired Wiki Staff

This is the Promo comic I'm making for the 'Shroom. Note that this is not the final version and more people might be added and sprites may change. This is dedicated to Jay Resop. This of course was done with permission from Paper Jorge, WarioLoaf, and Wayoshi. WarioLoaf made the Wario sprite. I recolored Wayoshi's shoes purple, and made Paper Jorge's sprite (with his help). What do yall think?

If you would like to be added to my comic, just send me a couple of sprites of your character. You can make them yourself or you can ask me to edit them from existing sprites. The final copy will be made for the 'Shroom for its February edition. Thank you for reading and please Subscribe to the 'Shroom.

P.S- If you were a true Mario fan, you'd know where this scene takes place. Oh yes, the graphics were kinda blurry but will be much better in the final version.
GREAT! Good Graphics. Can't wait to see the finished Product! kep work at this. You worked pretty hard.
Nice preview. Maybe i'll join, I'm thinking of being an M&L: SS Larry Koopa... with sunglasses.
Hey I was just wondering if you could show me how the Petey sprite
is going to look in you comic.
Wayoshi, very noteworthy of you.

Sir Grodus, I will create a ML:SS sprite of you but I have to find a base sprite to do it from.

Petey, if you want to be Petey Piranha, I will have to shrink your sprite down a bit. I do prefer it if you ask for a more intelligible creature who can talk because that would make sense.

And everyone else, if you want to be entered as characters in my comic, you cannot be a sprite that is 100% ripped. It has to be edited in someway and I will tell you why whe it is released.
I know Spike, but since it is a comic, and considering Yoshis don't talk,
I think that it shouldn't be a problem for Petey Piranha to talk. I mean face the facts. Yoshi may be able to to say his name, but in your comic, you made him able to talk fully. So I hope you feel pretty stupid right now, because you didn't think about that.
I told you Spike to tell the reason why I didn't have glasses!

Oh and Petey, Yoshis can talk in Super Mario World, unless they actually said "Yoshi" and Nintendo just translated.

Also Spike...NNIICCEE!!! Keep on making them!
I think Yoshi is the only Yoshi that can speak english, the rest just speak "Yoshi-nese", which is simply translated either by the game or by Yoshi.
Let me tell you something Paper Jorge. That whole SMW thing may be true, but Nintendo has changed the fact that Yoshi can talk still. Think about it! If they kept that fact from SMW, that would be very strange to Mario gamers. But I know what you mean. I mean sure it makes sense he could talk in text, but not in talking out loud. So that is why I believe that Petey Piranha should be able to at least talk in text.
Well... its just a promo. It isn't ACTUALLY what they say.
What do you mean it's not what they say? By the way, I am dying to see what the Petey Piranha Sprite you had to shrink, will look. But only if you did that, of course.
if You Love Him So Much, Why isn't he your Avatar (Or Main Image) on the Forum?

Because, I can't find a picture of him that's small enough, and I don't know how to make an avatar. Could you show me how to do those things?
Cast Members

Confirmed characters:
User:Wayoshi (Yoshi)
User:WarioLoaf (Wario)
User:Paper Jorge (Human)
User:3dejong (Human)
User:MarioFan132 (Human)
User:Monty Mole (Human)

Possible candidates:
User:ultimatetoad (Toad)
User:PeteyPiranhaLover (?)
User:Sir Grodus (Lemmy Koopa)
User:Dry Bones (Dry Bones)

Cameo characters:
User:Son of Suns (?)
User:HK-47 (?)
User:Ghost Jam (Ukiki)
User:Kelt (Piranha?)
User:Wanderingshadow (?)
*DrDonez (as DrDonez)

This list may change in the future. ? means that the sprite is undecided or invalid. In cameos, it may be used to keep the sprite a secret. keep in mind that there can only be 8 main characters. Don't want it to be TOO long.
Well... I can't just have a bunch of random characters from a bunch of other series. Then it wouldn't be allowed for the 'shroom.
Sorry, I thought you wanted to be a cameo. :eek: Ill add you to possible candidates even though there isn't a 100% chance that you'll make it.
Hey Spike! Could you make a Waluigi sprite, so I could be in your comic? Because I really want to be in it.