Check Mii Out codes


King Bowser
So, is everybody familiar with the new Check Mii Out Channel on the WiiWare?

Well, if you can track down your Miis, post their entry number here!


Koopa Troopa
chibizombie said:
Uniju said:
This sounds retarded.
well i have but the problem is that its hard to track down your miis you sent in.
it's not to hard just go to were you would post them, say you want to post them and it will say "You already posted John Doe, it's code # is :----, blah blah yadda yadda" I wrot mine down. Here they are.

King Leonitus- 4428-5058-7330
M.Jackson- 4109-8354-7860
Fidel Castro-1680-6708-9990
George Bush-9772-6837-4228
Bill Cosby(now)-7036-8805-2560
Jabba the Hut-8587-5987-4334