What are your favorite iPod/iPad Apps?


Artisanal Cheese Taster
I'm curious.
Aside from very popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter or Angry Birds, my favorite apps are Reeder, AppAdvice, Wikipanion, Tiny Tower, ESPN ScoreCenter, VEVO, TuneIn Radio, Onavo, iBooks, Pages and Numbers.

I could mention more apps, but then my list would get too big.
Do android count?

Mine is cut the rope and angry birds, rio and seasons, my phone messed up and it delete all seasons save data so I need to start over, I'm 3/4 done
Am I the only person who thinks Angry Birds is boring? Seriously, I don't like the game and everyone else is like, "OMG ITS SO AWESOME."

Anyway, my favorites would include:
~Mega Jump
~Fruit Ninja
~Bejeweled 2
I don't think Angry Birds is that great a game, especially a lot of the people who like it say that Nintendo sucks because they have horrible graphics and their games are stupid.
But it's not too bad.