What do you use when editing?

Yoshi Mastar

Koopa Troopa
What programs do you have open when editing Mario Wiki?

I have Firefox open with a tab for normal editing, and a tab for uploading pics. A few more tabs are for finding pics, and research.
Two or three MS Paint windows are open for sprites, and a Flash window for fancy stuff.
And the Notepad program that shows most of the basic wiki codes for quick copying and pasting.

How do you wiki? This can help us learn techniques to make editing faster and more efficiant.
Firefox 2 with:

-One tab on Recent changes, which I must refresh every 5 minutes or so :P
-One tab elsewhere making edits
-Another tab on the forum, which I refresh occasionally
-Looking up info on a game in a fourth tab
-Surfing the web in a fifth tab

-Adobe Photoshop open to edit or create banners (ie The 'Shroom) when necessary
-Sometimes logging important items into Microsoft Word (such as statistics for my Monthly Report or the MediaWiki General CSS)
-AIM on to keep updated with members such as WarioLoaf, Knife, Paper Jorge, Steve, etc.

By the way, I updated recent changes once during this post. Excellent question, Yoshi Mastar. ;)
I use Firefox 2 or one, something around there. Don't know, but its Firefox. My userpage doesn't come out good on internet Explorer.
I have one window with teh Internets (Firefox, IE or crap doesn't matter), one window with YouTube so I can listen to Al's wonderful music, and one other window with some other wiki (usually Psyklopedin, Wikia, SmashWiki or some other crap, caffeine FTW)
:lol: OMG! FOUR IN A ROW! I haven't heard very much DK music, just these Kongo Jungle, 'N64, and Jungle Japes themes.

Download Mario, DK, Zelda, and more music files.. but they're all MIDI. :cry: