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This is a story I originally posted on Facebook on March 30, 2009. I recently found it again so I thought I would share it for you all as well. Read the whole thing, please.

You will never believe what happened in this soccer game. I was on the team that practically had the worst regular season record overall among tournament participants. The coach was young and a college postgrad at UVa. Sure, we had a good core of players, but we just didn’t communicate enough.

Just as you would think, getting to the finals was not easy for our team. We had a blowout win in the first game, but from there things did not go to well. In fact, we lost the other two of three games in the first round.

Lost in despair, we were almost sure we wouldn’t be one of the two teams to make the finals. But then, we got some good news from the coach. One of the other teams(Blue) had also gotten a 1-2 record, and a third(Red), who were 1-1 was just playing another team(Orange), who was 2-0. We(Green) had beaten red in the first game, so if Orange beat Red by two points or more, we would be in the finals by the fourth tie breaker. And sure enough, Orange beat Red by 4 points, and secured a finals berth for our team.

The problem is that this Orange team was really good. Including the tournament, which they were 3-0, they had been undefeated in the regular season. Green had lost to them twice already. And our record was far from great. Nonetheless, we would have to take them on, and defeat them, and claim the championship.

Game as it was, it was getting pretty intense. Our goalie, who was a great goalie, was knocked out by an Orange player, and ended up with a concussion. By then, there were 7 minutes left on the clock and the game was still scoreless. However, with an assist from me, and a well-aimed corner shot, we scored the winning goal and won the game 1-0. Later, the team went to receive their well-earned medals. And then, as my coach gave me my medal, he said something I will never forget. He patted me on the shoulder, and said “Read the first word of each paragraph.”

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Nathan Latsk

Honestly, this always seems to happen to me in some way or form after a week of winning.