Nintendo Wi-Fi Logo in Trailers?


Da f***, Rosalina?
Something I've noticed lately is that whenever a game comes out, its trailer always has the logos of the consoles it will be out for displayed at the end. Whenever 360 or PS3 is involved, there is always the XBox Live or PSN logo right next to it, but how come the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection logo is never displayed, even if the Wii version does have online features?

Go to both of these websites and scroll down to the bottom:

Why is there no Wi-Fi logo? The Wii versions have online features, so why is it never displayed anywhere outside the box?


Nintendo 3DS Developer
I think it's because "Nintendo WiFi Connection" is for Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo Wii games only.
Instead, Nintendo 3DS uses terms like "Internet Play", or something like that.