Hand over the Star!

Welcome to Hand over the Star! This is where you do anything you can to steal the star from the last player! Here's how it works.

First you will steal the Star from me. Then, someone else will steal the Star from you. You can steal the Star any way you want, preferably the most imaginable. For example, I can use a car to run over you, then snag the Star and drive away while you're still down. Equally, you can call a random fleet of chickens to ambush and steal the Star away from me. Try not to use things repeatedly too often as that would cause the action to lose it's luster.

You can also set up certain defences to protect the Star. For example, if someone locks the Star inside a time capsule and sends it to the future, you can either follow it into the future, travel to the past to stop them from sending into the future, or by some other means.

Godmodding is allowed, but you can not kill or otherwise finish off another player to where they can no longer play. And it's not important, but please say "Hand over the Star!" at the beginning of your post, and "I Have The Star!" at the end of it. You can say it in any fassion, as long as it has the same meaning.

I Have The Star!


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That's basically Control The Throne. Which is stickied at the top if you want to look at it.
I guess this can be locked.