what the hell

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Lily x

I keep on randomly logging out and I don't know why!!
It happened to me a moment ago, when Chrome crashed once again.
If you want to stay logged in, just check the "Stay Logged In" button before logging in.
Because it isn't random, as you usually define your section time while logging in, in SMF.
Maybe it's because of the URL name changing? I was logged out too.
I was set to stay logged in on my iPod, but I was logged out. Honestly I found that to be confusing because I hadn't earased my cookies or anything like that
Samething happened here.
Now I see we're on another domain name!
Thanks MCD, I didn't even notice that!
Actually, he was, but in a less technical matter.

http://forum.mariowiki.com → http://www.marioboards.com
You can still go to the old URL, but it'll redirect you to the new one.
But it's still a very good possibillity, as the Session Cookies were saved to your current browser on your current computer, on the current site.
Since the last one has been changed, the browser's Cookies are no longer known to their session, so you're basically not logged out, you never even were logged in on that site.
At least, that's what the browser thinks: "It's a new site, so you can't be logged in here already."
I have it set to stay logged in and it happened to me too.

So I'm almost 100% sure that it was because of the URL change.
Yoshiwalker said:
No, he was saying that maybe the problem was being caused by the new domain.
More specifically, the exact moment we moved to it.
Yeah, I was logged out on all the devices and accounts I was logged in. I figured it was the change.
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