what do you use to make videos?


..and with that, pow! I'm gone
I recently made a Youtube account, and I just thought of something brilliant while looking at this .gif. Any software out there that I could use to loop the .gif and place music to go along with it?
Movie Maker comes pre-installed on Home versions of Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
I never do the looping .GIF files with (most likely) copyrighted music, so instead, I record gameplay video's.
All console games have been recorded using a DVD Recorder, although I'm about to switch to EasyCap USB for Mac, since my DVD Recorder has trouble displaying NTSC and has pretty hard time displaying PAL60 (PAL50 works great, though).
For DS and GBA games, I'm using YH-NITRO-CAPTURE, a home made capture device.
The same maker of it is working on a 3DS version of the capture device, but before that's done, friends record 3DS games through an HD camera.
I don't really make videos for YouTube, but when I do, I'll probably do gameplay videos, too.

Actually, I already made one.
And so I've already made over 1000 Gameplay video's.
I'm definitely not making that many videos.

I really wish I had a capture card to make really good quality gameplay videos.
At this moment, out of the 1205 video's on my main Channel, only 83% are the ones me or someone else of our Team has recorded/captured.
The other 17% are Trailers, Commercials, and other stuff, send to us by Nintendo, SEGA, Namco, etc.
Windows Movie Maker, baby. With this sweet mother you too can be a totally pro director like me.