Bieber vs Black

Who is better?

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Gosh...Both are terrible, but, Justin Bieber is AWFUL, so, i prefer Rebecca :yoshi:


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I think that Black's biggest problem is that the autotuner screwed up her voice in once song, and that became her most famous song.


Bieber has talent, but he just doesn't show it and plays the "cute" card.

Black, though, just sucks at singing.

So I'll have to go with Bieber on this one.


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I don't think I like either one more then the other...probably because they're both absolutely terrible singers.
The lesser of two suckishnesses. I think that is a word. I think its kinda cruel how people call Justine Justina Justinette Justilina Justanna Justin Beaver Boober Beeper Blubber Beiber a girl, and just gross how people send Sirius Rebecca Black death threats. Beiber is better though.


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It is pretty fun to sing.
Friday, Friday! Gettin' down on Friday! Everybody's looking forward to the weekend. Partying Partying Yeah Partying Partying Yeah! Fun, fun, fun, fun. Looking forward to the weekend.


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I've never actually heard a Justin Bieber song, and I don't plan to, so I guess I'm stuck with Becky!


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They are both horrible in different ways, so I don't think I like one better than the other.
Also, Uniju, you're lucky for never hearing a Justin Bieber song. He's an awful singer, really.


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I'm sorry, Becky, I call everybody that. This is kind of awkward, I hope you didn't think you were the only one.