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I tried using this picture as my avatar.

But it is not showing on my computer! Can you guys see it as a Wii Remote?

And I did try reloading, but that didn't help.

EDIT: Fixed it, but it does not look right. I will just use it. Can someone please delete this?


Nintendo 3DS Developer
I see you're using an image URL.
Try saving the image on your computer, resize it into something smaller, and use the "Upload Avatar" option.


Celestial Guide
YoshiGo99 said:
it looks odd, it looks like a square wii mote
More like a remote ran over by a car.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
What you've just said, is nothing more than a workaround for a workaround, for a workaround.
He only needs to follow the instructions I gave before, and it's solved.