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I just had a crazy idea! I feel we don't credit our users enough at the Wiki Alliances. So how about this:

For every useful edit (including Minor Edits), a user can get a 'Shroom Point or a Banana Point. Whatever, the names are undecided yet. Also if a user makes an extrodinary edit, we will add even more. Points will be kept safe in User:<insert user>/Points (and I will check if anybody edits it). Points will be totaled at the end of the day. Still reading?

If a user purposely makes useless edits just to gain Points, he/she will be blocked of the privilage of gaining Points. We will not block him/her from the wiki but will only block him/her from gaining points. Although if he goofs up once, we won't immediately block his privilage, we will leave notes on his/her Talk page similiar to a message threatening to block his/her privileges. I will create a separate Template for that. Then after each warning, we will cut some of his/her Point. For now, the disciplinary rules are undecided. Still reading?

Okay now the prizes. We will create an store of the Wiki Alliance where users can use their points to buy various things. What they can buy is also undecided. My idea would be to use the points to buy some kind of collectable electronic cards. We will create 5 custom cards every week, with a starting collection of 30. These will be uploaded onto a separate url (saving the Wiki Alliance's image space). Sysop are needed for this as they have to protect the User:<insert user>/Collection page (so that users can't cheat). Users can only gain Points if they sign up at a page (undecided for now). We weren't going to add points to all Users on the wiki if they don't want it right? There will also be a trading function in which a user can trade cards with another user. Besides this, there will also be other buyable things. Still reading?

You must be wondering, who's we?

Store Runner and Point Checker= Me
Item Developer and Card Designer= Undecided
Sysop Trading and Applying Director= Undecided (must be a sysop)
Sysop Trading and Applying Director 2= Undecided (must be a sysop)
Disciplinary Director= Undecided

More Positions may open up. Staff Members are also eligible to gain points. So... what do you all think?
We've already tried giving away awards for good contributions, but no one liked the idea. I think we should do our best to improve our wiki with not thought of reward other than interacting with other Mariophiles and making our wikis comprehensive databases. I'm afraid that your suggested system will fill the wiki with point whores.
We're not going to do anything like this. Too much confusion and heartbreak. Edit the wiki because you love the series or whatever.