Block the above user for a stupid reason!

Blocked because I liek potatoes...


:lol: :P :lol: :P :lol: :P :lol: :P :lol:
Blocked for existing. (the opposite of the first post!)
Blocked for telling lies till he gets it.
Haha! No Cheep-Cheep anymore :twisted: !
Edit: You're too fast... ._.
Blocked for liking overrated characters and not being on the Wiki.
Blocked for blocking blocking blocking blocking blocking blocking people.
Blocked for not realizing that I'm not American (and also not British, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Canadian, Australian and any other country where the main language is English)
Blocked for thinking nationalities are languages.
"Hello, I speak Canadian!" "Oh, I speak Australian. Unfortunately we can't understand each other."
After this silly demonstration you have to admit that you phail. :P