Ultimate Character Duel: Hurt and Heal Tournament


Yes, I am the first to think of this.

It's the Hurt and Heal game you love in bracket form!

128 characters (less if I can't sign them all up) will compete for the title of Ultimate Character. How, you may ask? They will face off with another character in a Duel. Winner moves on to the next round, loser is eliminated.

Sign-Up Rules:

1: One user can only sign up 8 characters in total. I may stretch this if I can't fill all the slots.

2: Only 6 representatives of a single series can compete. (i.e., if you want to sign up Yoshi, but there are already 6 mario characters on the list, you can't sign him up.) Sub-series do not count as independant series,

3: The character must be fictional. However, if a person plays someone that shares the same name (i.e. Stephen Colbert), they count as "fictional".

4: No generic species (i.e. Lakitu) or objects (i.e. Fire Flower) can be signed up. It must be a distinct character. (An exception can be made in the case of Legendary Pokemon, since there is only one of them anyway.)

5: Fan-made characters are prohibited, with a few exceptions. I'm looking at you, Smasher.


  • Toad (Mario/Toad85)
    Ron Weasely (Harry Potter/Toad85)
    Superman (DC/Toad85)
    Clive (Professor Layton/Toad85)
    Com. Data (Star Trek/Toad85)
    Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic/Toad85)
    Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars/Toad85)
    Yoda (Star Wars/Toad85)
    Yoshi (Mario/Smasher101)
    Dave Strider (Homestuck/Smasher101)
    Mario (Mario/NSY)
    Luigi (Mario/NSY)
    Wario (Mario/NSY)
    Bowser (Mario/NSY)
    Sonic (Sonic/NSY)
    Knuckles (Sonic/NSY)
    Link (Zelda/NSY)
    Ganondorf (Zelda/NSY)
    Mr. Game and Watch (Nintendo/Raphael)
    2003 Raphael (TMNT/Raphael)
    Bart Simpson (Simpsons/Raphael)
    George Lopez (George Lopez/Raphael)
    Dudley Puppy (T.U.F.F Puppy/Raphael)
    Captain Falcon (F-Zero/Raphael)
    Zapdos (Pokemon/Raphael)


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Vlad Plasmius said:
Fan-made characters are prohibited, with a few exceptions. I'm looking at you, Smasher.

I'll Sign up:
Yoshi (well duh)
Dave Strider (Homestuck)

I'll think of more later.


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I'm going to sign up Smasher 101

I going put in Mario, Luigi, Wario and Bowser from Mario.
Sonic and Knuckles from Sonic.
Link and Ganondorf from Zelda


Okay, no sign ups plus an accusation by PyroGuy of copying him. LOCKED NAO (Once I figure out how to...).