The last thing you downloaded


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Note: Legal downloads only!
This means, downloads like Warez, ROMs, Nulled scripts, Cracks, Keygens, etc. is disallowed in this thread.
While downloads like App Store, Steam, Linux, licenses, free downloads, etc. is allowed in this thread.


I've just downloaded Windows 8 Developer Preview.
A few days ago, I've downloaded Firefox 8.0a2, some Trailers from Nintendo, and 5 Trailers from the eShop

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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. I have a weakness for Western fiction.

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I downloaded this page into my temporary cache so that I may view it with greater ease

serious answer:

Excluding images, the last major thing I downloaded would be Civilization 5.


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The last major thing I downloaded was Shinesparkers' Harmony of a Hunter album.