Do you wear glasses?


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Do you wear glasses? If not, what about contacts? I do wear them, but they snapped in two tonight while I was cleaning them. Now I have to move to monitor close to my face to see until I get them fixed.

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I've myopia, but I rarely ever wear me glasses. Really, I only put them on when I watch TV or when I go out.


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Just sunglasses, when the sun shines.
Otherwise, no.


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Then do one in Turkey, you'll be able to see more than others usually can.
Nah, just kidding.


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Yes, I have horrible vision. I'm near-sighted and I have astigmatism.


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I don't, but I should. My vision is not too bad, but I can't read fairly distant things, especially if their colors are not strong.

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Mason said:
Yes, I have horrible vision. I'm near-sighted and I have astigmatism.
This, basically. I wouldn't go as far to call it horrible, but it's pretty bad. My sister's is a lot worse. I think I have astigmatism, and I'm near-sighted.

I wear my glasses, because I personally prefer how I look when wearing them rather than contacts, plus a few other reasons.


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I have terrible vision as well. It's been like this since early Kindergarten. Not totally sure what it is specifically, perhaps astigmatism, idk. Either way, I've got a snazzy pair of black and red glasses that are all 8) and stuff

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I wear glasses, even though I'm not that near-sighted. It's just a habit I suppose, I could get along fine without them.

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Yes, I do wear glasses. In fact, I have been wearing them since the third grade so far. I usually keep them on at all times.


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My eyesight's really bad but I have contacts since I can't stand how I look with glasses. I had glasses for about a year (2nd grade-3rd grade)

And I had contacts since 4th Grade.

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Just sunglasses, when the sun shines.
Otherwise, no.
Hate to burst your bubble but the sun always shines.

Herr Shyguy said:
Yeah my eyes suck balls.


And no, I do not wear glasses.


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But at least you might know what I mean.