My Fake SSBB Updates.

Rad Dudesman

King Bowser
They arent very convincing, but I tried. Here's the first two. Dimentio & Ridley.

Will add more later.


Shine Sprite

Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
I'm a very good fake SSBB update maker (I was even called talented in the Nsider Forums) and here are some good tips to making a better one:

1. The font should be "Verdana" size 9.

2. Take time on it. Please. Really!

Oh yeah and don't add more later unless they are good. 1/10 because you at least tried.


Piranha Plant
PHLAIL & PHAIL.No offence.But The Current One Is Just Darn Fine.(And I Am Thinking Now Fake SSBB Characters[I mean who not confirmed to be in the game Yet]Is To be a fad.rly.)

Storm Yoshi

Cyclone Microsoft, it'll make your windows crash

watch this and then you'll find out what this topic is.