Can any of you do this?


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Well, this is a thread asking if you can do this thing. I can, and some of my friends at school can.

So to do this, you hold your thumb and middle finger together. Then, you relax your index finger and shake your hand back and forth.

If you do it right, your index finger will burn for a second after you finish doing it. Also, it can make a real loud noise if you get the hang of it.


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Maybe this will explain better.

Form your Middle Finger and Thumb to look like a squished zero, then shake your hand while relaxing your index finger.


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BananaYoshi said:
i don't feel anything or hear anything
You have to practice. A month ago, I was really quiet and I wasn't doing it right, but now it's loud and I'm doing it right.


I can fold my index finger and middle finger backwards into a 0 shape, but I can't do what you're describing.

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