Make your own Kingdom!

OJ Toad

Hey Guys! I was bored so I created the Make A Kingdom Thread.
Heres an example:

Name: Bird Land
Places: Jibberjay Beach, Fluzzard Woods, King Crowber's Castle, and Penguin Mountain.
Ruler: King Crowber
Appearance: A Rocky Shore , A Forrest Full Of Birds, A Purple Castle, And Icy Mountains.
Location: To the west of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Famous Characters: Jayther Blue, Penguru, DJay, and Bert The Crowber
Emblem: a Shadow of a Spikey Mario Bird

Like it? Now make your own!


Name: Toad85land
Places:Castle without a Cool Acronym, The Town made primarialy up of Toads, the frigid north, a Smurf Village in a forest somewhere.
Ruler/Government: Oligarchy whose leader is Smugshroom V the Great
Appearance: Once a peaceful grassy kingdom of weaklings, now a strong scholarly society united under one ruler (for once).
Famous Characters: Smugshroom V the Great (current ruler), Smugshroom IV (the despicable tyrant), Papa Smurf (Smugshroom's
primary advesary), me (founder), Professor E. Gadd (has a summer home here).


Toad=Frog, Peach=Fruit and Birdo=Weirdo.
it's weird how the mushroom KINGdom doesn't even have a king :eek:

OJ Toad

Name: Posh Island
Places: Pirate Goomba Feilds, The Valley of Exact, The Very Presice Castle
Ruler: Posh Smiley
Appearance: A round, yellowish land full of Posh. :posh:
Location: No need to be telling now, is there? :posh:
Famous Characters: Posh Smiley, Gillbergfan, OJ Toad (has a house there)
Emblem: :posh:


Yoshi! Yoshi!
Name: Fuzzy Land
Places: Fuzzy harbor, Fuzzytown, Fluffy village, Fuzzytown sewers
Ruler: Bob the golden fuzzy
Appearance: A land with lush forests, rocky mountains, freezing tundras, and murky swamps
Location: A small island off the coast of the Mushroom Kingdom
Famous characters: Bob the golden fuzzy, Harold the white fuzzy, Ron the purple fuzzy, Poochy's twin brother; pooch
Emblem: A fuzzy bouncing up and down


Donkey Kong
Name: Saiyan land
Places: Saiyan city
Ruler: King Vegeta
Appearence: the same as planet Vegeta
Location: In the North Galaxy on planet Vegeta
Famous Characters: King Vegeta, Vegeta, Paragus, Nappa, Fasha, Raditz, Tarble, Turles, Kakarot (Goku), Broly
Emblem: A saiyan
Destruction: Destroyed by Frieza. All but 8 saiyans killed


Yoshi! Yoshi!
Name: Yoshi land
Places: Yoshi town, Dino Beach, Green forest, Egg city.
Ruler: King YoshiMonsta
Appearance: A country shaped like a Yoshi head with large cities, huge forests, and Birdo head shaped volcanoes.
Location: In the sky right above the mushroom kingdom (on the clouds)
Famous Characters: YoshiMonsta, BoshiAtsom, Green Yoshi, BY, RY, LBY, BLY, (unknown) Waluigi.
Emblem: The egg emblem in Super Mario Sluggers
Alliances: Mushroom Kingdom, Fuzzy Land, Posh Island, Toad85land, Birdland, Saiyan land
Enemies: Birdoland, Epicfailand, :eekdance: land


L - N - 1
Name:Bandicoot Isle
Places:Sports Stadium,Boomerang Cliffs,Yeti's Lair,Throne Store
Ruler:Me,of course.
Appearance:Crash Bandicoot
Location:That information is top secret
Famous Characters:Me,Crash Bandicoot,Luigi,DarkNitwit,PaintballMaster
Emblem:That information is extremely secret
Alliances:UltraMario Country,GalacticPetey World
Enemies:Nega-Man Country,QuizmoManiac World


King Bowser
Name: Greensun Island
Places: Valley of the Pandas, Whoman Community, Rainbowbarf Rivers, Rainbowbarf Falls, Stardust Mountain, Tranquility Shores, Sunray Forest
Ruler: The Great Xiongmao (Me)
Appearance: A peaceful tropical island filled with forests, rivers, and contains a mountain in the middle. The shores too are peaceful clean and the sand and water are sparkling.
Location: Classified
Famous Characters: The Great Xiongmao, Xi the Blue Panda, Pan the Green Panda, Ong the Yellow Panda, Da the Purple Panda, and Mao the Red Panda
Emblem: A face of a Panda with wings :3
Alliances and Enemies: None, the citizens of the island prefer to keep themselves hidden