Pokemon DS Game Friend Codes


Donkey Kong
Well, I'm makin' this topic since I need someone to battle, although, my team is a group of level 60s and above, so I'd appreciate you'd Pokemon near that level. My Friend Code is 0733-7228-9157.


Shine Sprite
...I don't remember Pokemon game friend codes being 12 digits long.
That looks more like a 3DS friend code ._.


King Bowser
For some reason the code didn't work when I tried putting it in my Pal Pad :???:. Anyway my code is 2966-8790-9067.

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan
Oh, and do you know you can temporarily set everybody's levels (you and your opponent) to Lv. 50 and Lv. 100?


Donkey Kong
Yes, I did. I don't really know where my Diamond is right now, but I'll find it eventually.


Celestial Guide
I cannot battle 'cause I have a DSi with Advanced Connection. I can only battle in Black & White, where my team in in the twenties.