The Mario Family

OJ Toad

Lets Get This Stuff Staraight:

How They Got There:

Mario started out as a young carpenter. he recently grew a mustache, and looked older. When he heard crys of help from his girlfriend Pauline one night, he went to save her. he went through places and places trying to save her. When he finnaly did, Donkey Kong ran back to Kong Country.

3 Years Later:

Mario's brother heard about what he had done. Luigi wanted to help Mario. Mario said it was Ok, but first they needed a new job.

The Mario Bros found a job as plumbers in Brooklyn, New York. They worked out there career the way as it should untill one day. Mario and Luigi were in a sewer pipe, when out of nowhere, strange turtles and crabs started swarming them. Mario found a hammer and started smashing them. More came. They ran threw the pipe smashing turtles and crabs, untill they found the way out. Still today, we don't know how the enemies got there.

One morning, Mario and Luigi went to their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Daot, house. They needed their bathtub to get fixed. Mrs. Daot was wearing her Spotted Brooch, and Mr. Daot was wearing his Frog Shirt. "We will be going upstairs now!" said Mario as they walked up the steps. They took out their plungers and started unclogging. By a half and hour, it was unclogged. Suddenly drain started sucking in, pulling the Bros down. They spinned, and spinned, and twirled, and they fell asleep.

When they woke up, they were staring at a sunny sky. They were on a mountain, overlook somthing...overlooking the Mushroom Kingdom.

Last Name:

Nobody is sure what Mario and Luigi's last names are. I think it's Jumpman, because there is a rumor that in a secret level in the remake of Donkey Kong, Kong said "Jumpman, Please Spare Me!" then Mario says "That my Surname, Donkey!"

The Family:
Heres a List:

Mario Jumpman
Luigi Jumpman
Sega Aly Jumpman (Mario's Mom)
Dr. Mario Jumpman Sr. (Mario's Dad)
Waluigi Badman
Wario Badman
DG & Amos Wingman
Dr. Jetty Wingman
Barly Wingman
Supremo Phyman
Dr. Phyman

OJ Toad

Well, it's more of a Mario History, with a background story. I was trying to show what I THINK happened in the world of Mario. I also added some characters that I will create...