Super Mario Bros: King Crowber's Attack

OJ Toad

Hey Guys! I have a game idea:

SMB: King Crowber's Attack, or Super Mario Bros: Crowber Time! (Its 3d!)

Beginning: (Words on Screen) There was a time when Bowser had planned to take over the Mushroom Galaxy. That time is over. In the Galaxy, Bowser was defeated. Now who's the enemy to take over? Scene 1: The Koopalings are fighting over who to be the new ruler. Ludwig is chosen. Then the scene explodes and it shows mario driving his car down a road with a stampede of goombas chasing him. (Now Controlable) you have to swerve and throw spiked balls found on the road at the Goombas. When they are dead, you have to drive to the castle and get inside. When you go in. You get bagged by two green Magikoopas. You hear Peach screan and you here Ludwig say "Its too late Mario! I'm taking over now! Mwahahahahaha!"
you get knocked out and wake up in a dark place. You are in a Chain Chomp Level. There is Chomp Heads coming at you while you run swiftly. You get to a area where you defeat a Dark Bomber Bro. You suddenly fly up and through a white painting. You find yourself in the castle. Only its Ludwigs now. Everything is Black and Blue. you keep going through paintings, such as The Bob-omb Revenge, King Bill's Valley, and Shy Guy Cove. Eventually, you come to Ludwig's Crowber Attack. You have to go throw lava filled areas and fly over magma oceans while holding on to good crowbers. You soon get to a Dark castle, and you hold on to Bert the Crowber to fly to the top, while pouncing on Bomboos and grabbing back on to Bet. The Bomboos will follow you to Ludwigs area, where you have to throw the Bomboos at his Crowblaze, soon Ludwig summons a Crazy-haired ship and flys away, screaming "Untill next time mario!" Suddenly the Lava turns to ice, all the Crowbers turn to Stars, except Bert, who becomes Mario's Second Pet, and Yoshi's Best Friend. Then the Screen closes and Classics mario music starts playing with the credits...

Like the idea?